20 May 2020

Recycled Wool for Circular Economy

Recycled wool washed jacket: a trendy item and icon of the circular economy.
Wool from pre- and post-consumer waste can be recovered and mechanically re-worked into new yarn. This way, it becomes a secondary raw material for new textile products, reducing the environmental impact of textile production.

This process has been widely in use in the Prato area, supporting traditional Italian skills and
prolonging the life of this naturally versatile fiber.

Recycled wool is often blended to recycled polyester to increase its strength, or partially blended to ‘new’ wool, for the creation of new products. It is an important theme for the whole textile/fashion industry, presented in the Italtex color and fabric trend fashion book Sports and Street Wear Autumn/Winter 2021-22

18 May 2020

Black and White - the first mood of Womenswear AW 21-22

Black and white is the first theme of the new Italtex  womenswear color  and fashion trends for fabrics Fall/Winter 2021-22. The first of 22 moods driven by colour trends, but focusing on fabric inspirations: fibers, yarns, colors, patterns, weaves, finishes for fabrics for apparel.

Black & white - the classic unmissable combination – this season in fancy patterns with different looks and surfaces: clean super stretch knit jackets and chintz treatments match plush knits and corroded motifs for jacquard coats. For jackets, clean checks in pure sustainable wool compete with...

Italtex Womenswear Color and Fabric trends Autumn/Winter 2021-22.

27 March 2020

Textile Training Book

Prepare yourself to the new post Covid19 scenario. Will the world be different from what it was a couple of months ago? Probably yes, because people will be different after this experience. Everybody at home, some working and some not, only relying on internet for any kind of social interaction. All sorts of online courses/webinar available.
It is the right time to get a step ahead in personal training, and the basics on fabric construction are just the key skill that will enable you to properly communicate with your textile designer and increase your skills on fabric selection.

Italtex has a specific ebook called Textile Guide Synthesis, used as a text book at colleges/universities, but also suitable for professionals, which in 107 pages explains the construction of yarns and fabrics, and is rich of practical suggestions.

This comprehensive book on textile technology presents textile fibres and spinning processes, yarn counting and twisting, special yarn, weaving, basic weaves, fabric design with sett and weight calculation, and includes technical and conversion tables.

24 February 2020

Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2021-22

Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2021-22 is the Italtex color and fabric trend book showing the general trend on woven womenswear: textured, fancy and plain fabrics in different fibres. Colors are presented with Pantone® reference numbers.
Among the trend themes of the season, off white is used alone in warm felts, double-face cotton, black & white stretch trousers, and is enlivened by a touch of burgundy.Womenswear Autumn/Winter 2021-22

21 February 2020

Light Checks with Dobby Effects

In a general mood for classic patterns, checks are light, but enriched with weave effects adding sophisticated details - from the Italtex fabric and color fashion trend book for shirts Woven Cotton Fall/Winter 2021-22.

04 February 2020

Jacquards for Trending Shirts AW 21-22

Jacquard is a great way to create new fabrics for sports shirts.

Jacquard patterns can be used by themselves or as ground for the new stripes and checks. The result is a perfect expression of creativity in a classic taste fabric.
From the Italtex color and fabric trend book Sports Shirts Fall/Winter 2021-22

14 November 2019

Weaves, warp and weft notes and fabric swatches

In order to create your next fabric collection you need a lot of information and inspiration. You can get some from the runways, some from existing clothes, but your archive is definitely a key source where to look for more creative inputs.

For this reason, in the last years we have put a lot of effort into the creation of two unique books: Mini Designs and New Uniti. 

These special textile books are at the same time fabric trend books and textile technical books because the fabric swatches are presented with their own weaves , warp and weft notes, etc. - ready to become part of your textile library.

This November and December, considering the global problems, you can get them at a very affordable price because by purchasing the new issue of each, you can buy the previous ones for half their price.

Mini Designs helps you speed up the creation of your small effects. Each volume contains over 230 swatches, weaves, warp and weft notes that you can adapt according to your company's look, market and materials.

New Uniti focus on constructions for textured solids. Each volume contains 90 large size fabric swatches with weaves, warp and weft notes, picks and ends/cm, compositions and weave.