06 April 2018


Colours will be mainly medium-dark, often stretching out to the darkest hues.The formal suit is in the classic tones ranging from dark anthracite grey to black. Good presence of the dark tones of navy blue and midnight blue; brown is present in the reddish shades of chocolate.For the sports suit, colours will be medium to medium-dark, in the range of grey, slate blue and chestnut brown.Jacketing instead will include the light shades of beige, camel brown and ash grey. Medium-tone browns will be reddish to neutral, while the dark palette will be made of seaweed green, turquoise and greyish blue, tobacco browns.

Fine neppy yarns give a new twist to herringbones and diagonals, 
while twist or slightly slubbed yarns are precious to enliven medium-dark grounds

Boucle’ (loopy) yarns are used for sports jackets. They confer a nice warm and bulky effect.

Velvet and moleskin are the expression of the trend for soft and warm surfaces   

Emerized finish is an important theme in a season dominated by soft surfaces.   

Dark, sophisticated shades in the range of neutral and bluish green.    

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